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Welcome to the new Giantess site! It’s time to give my GTS work a home and see how much support there is for more comics! The patreon page is live.. current tally 10 at 224 … holding steady.

My older work can be found at and I need to search back thru my blog on and pull up all the giantess comics i’ve posted there.

UPDATE 2/28: page 6 of 6 for Feb, on to march… I’m thinking of doing something with Harley after this, not a direct competition with Giganta just yet, more of something to give her more destructive tendencies free reign…

UPDATE 3/8: page 1 of 5 for march.. though i’m sure someone will up the total for a page or two more.. any interest in harley? am thinking the story would put her thru into another world to build up some GTS rep before matching her against giganta, there is after all that rift to an alternate universe pepper made…

UPDATE 4/28: pages 1 and 2 of 11 for april.. going to see if i can cover these by the 1st. Story is taking a slight detour from the harley story so Giganta get let loose a bit more….

UPDATE 5/19: page 4-5 of 11 for april…. gettin there! so um… can this scene live up to expectations? maybeeee? i havent drawn it yet so i am as clueless as anyone else…

UPDATE 6/1: two more pages which leaves… time for some math here… 25 pages in june! annnnd a third so 1 of 25 for june.

Giganta 2: oh the humanity…

..and so it begins! A direct sequal to A New Goddess [previous comic]. Giganta has defeated all opponents and reigns supreme, will any heroic types … do something.. or other? Am looking for a bunch of audience participation on this. Anyone with a helpfull suggestion post below, pretty much any character can be tossed in, as often as needed, is the multiverse after all… all things are possible! except real people, they are weird.
UPDATE 6/1: …insert suitable sound effects..
giganta2... 36th page

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Toilet City 3

Part three of the toilet city trilogy, the Lady in Pink does a bunch more of what she does best all over yet another bustling metropolis and comes butt to face with the future of sanitation… it’s rather large so can be downloaded here as a zip or here as a cbr file [usefull if you open with a .cbr reader]

A New Goddess

The big Giganta vs a lot of superheros epic! Fighting, devastation, all the warnings! [seriously, giganta is a nasty girl!] Also have it available here as a zip or CBR file [cool if you open with a .cbr reader]