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Welcome to the new Giantess site! It’s time to give my GTS work a home and see how much support there is for more comics! The patreon page is live.. current tally 24 at 212 ..not bad at all…

My older work can be found at and I need to search back thru my blog on and pull up all the giantess comics i’ve posted there.

UPDATE 6/27: …here’s another page of slumber party. Am going to go ahead with the next Giganta comic, first page will be up shortly…

UPDATE 6/30: First page up! The suggestion thread is officially open, i have no idea what will occur but given the title it should be a battle of some sort. Will be aiming to update 10-15 times a month on this, will see how it shapes up.

UPDATE 8/7: i’m going to attempt to get a direct connection going between the patreon thing [they now allow paypal for NSFW stuff BTW!] and the number of pages i’m putting up, figuring 25 a page [giganta tends to get a bit more detailed then other stuff] that would figure 9 pages going up here in august…

UPDATE 8/25: so seven more pages of giganta this month, lets see if i can get close to tha-aaat!

Giganta 2: bask in the glory..

..and so it begins! A direct sequal to A New Goddess [previous comic]. Giganta has defeated all opponents and reigns supreme, will any heroic types … do something.. or other? Am looking for a bunch of audience participation on this. Anyone with a helpfull suggestion post below, pretty much any character can be tossed in, as often as needed, is the multiverse after all… all things are possible! except real people, they are weird.
UPDATE 7/8:this will just be a two – three page cameo.. then a very phallic stark tower emerges from the rubble…
UPDATE 7/31:life under giganta…
UPDATE 8/25:giganta has only your best interests at heart…

giganta2... 7th page

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Toilet City 3

Part three of the toilet city trilogy, the Lady in Pink does a bunch more of what she does best all over yet another bustling metropolis and comes butt to face with the future of sanitation… it’s rather large so can be downloaded here as a zip or here as a cbr file [usefull if you open with a .cbr reader]

A New Goddess

The big Giganta vs a lot of superheros epic! Fighting, devastation, all the warnings! [seriously, giganta is a nasty girl!] Also have it available here as a zip or CBR file [cool if you open with a .cbr reader]