18 thoughts on “All the Way [ shrinking ]

  1. A new shrink comic! My heart started pounding in excitement when I saw this.
    I’m hoping there will be ass time like in “Return of the Gypsy Lady” in this one.

  2. i hate to disappoint but his fate lies elsewhere… this will be a primarily a vagina oriented narrative!

    • That’s fine too, these shrink stories of a helpless man against a gorgeous woman/women are my favorite kind to see from you.

  3. maybe she could hold him underneath her and ride him like a sybian machine. Just food for thought

  4. Oh, wow! This was fantastic! I realized what it was about halfway through. I remember reading the story it’s based on! 😀

    This was one of the most important giantess stories in my development! Casti wrote it in 1997, I printed it out and bound it with a stack of other works that I studied for years. This was what gave me the motivation to try writing my own stories!

    And Mamabliss illustrated it! I’m so thrilled, I think I’m going to explode.

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