Support the [GTS] arts!


Welcome to the new Giantess site! It’s time to give my GTS work a home and see how much support there is for more comics! The patreon page is live.. current tally 11 at 94 … we continue!

My older work can be found at and I need to search back thru my blog on and pull up all the giantess comics i’ve posted there.

UPDATE 7/21: I return with some new pages! I know i’ve been failing[!] a bit on this but all patreon moneys WILL be turned into comics, current tally to go according to my math is 26 pages… up next will be the start of the Harley storyline, am unclear on the details but should be intense…

UPDATE 8/9: yes, where is this going? must wait a couple of pages to find out… current tally 28 pages to go. Will be including some pages of ‘the sleepover’ as well.