277 thoughts on “Giganta 2: Harley…

  1. A few suggestions of mine:

    -Perhaps Giganta can find a new set of clothes sometime during this comic? Possibly based on her New 52 design (http://static7.comicvine.com/uploads/original/1/15659/4046600-giganta-new_52_design-by_mike_janin.jpg)
    -Giganta could face off against another giantess vying to take control from her – if not Wonder Woman back from the dead somehow, then some other prominent DC female like Zatanna, Harley Quinn, Catwoman or Wonder Girl (among others). Maybe Giganta and her opponent could see who can fart (or shit) the hardest in a competition of who has the more powerful bowels.
    -Since this is the battle for New York City, maybe a little cross-dimensional cameo by Marvel’s Avengers?

    • Hey mama have something fly into her ass like iron man and make iRonan shoot repulse beams inside her bowels causing her stomach cramps and pain to make her far and shit a lot

  2. Yeah, I’m not so certain that I want the Avengers to pop-up in this story, because I like my universes not to contrived meetings, DC and Marvel are like oil and water. You can mix many things with them, but you cannot successfully mix them together.

  3. I would love to see Giganta scoop up half-a-crowd of people, and shove them in her pussy. We can have a panel where she moves away her hand from her pussy, and we see the dozen or so people squirming, and then in the next panel, we see her pussy convulsing, and lubing up. In a third panel, we see satisfaction melting on her face, maybe her mouth looks wet, because it is watering. I think this situation might occur before, or in-between major fighting, especially if she’s bored, and wants physical satisfaction. I imagine the selection pool for this process, is very similar to how the volunteer list is devised, and used, in the Slumber Party story, that you drew. πŸ™‚

  4. Maybe have giganta visit paradise island and she has the amazons tend to her needs. washing her body and she eats some. have some lick her asshole clean as she farts hard!

  5. An addon to the second idea, Giganta takes on multiple heroines that are about a quarter her size, she devours several and then shits the remains onto the losers, farting thunderously on both them and her subjects.

    Or, she and the other giantess compete to see who can destroy a random city the fastest by eating the people, crushing the buildings, farting violent windstorms then letting out copious amounts of shit over the place.

  6. …read your comment MB, and slept on it. I realize now that you really do want this story to be loose and fun, because it’s a group effort, and everybody has their own ideas on what is sexy and amusing. Plus, it creates a vibrant energy for you to draw off of.
    After giving it much thought, I think it would be fun to have the Avengers join the fray, and some other Marvel characters as well.
    The joint effort should start out, with Jarvis sensing disturbances within the Avengers own multiverse, Tony sends out probes to check it out. Once he sees Giganta, he finds an excuse to sic the Avengers on her. Make sure Hulk uses his “SMASH” attack, a few times.
    Before we venture too much into parallel DC Universes, I would love to see some DC characters from the same universe, join the story, that weren’t in the first Giganta story.
    -Some things I would REALLY like to see in a Marvel/DC mash-up, would be…
    Ant Man growing as big ashe can in the comics, and then he tries to take Giganta down.
    Deadpool, Deadshot, and the Punisher, having a competitive shoot out.
    The Joker, laughing hysterically at Deadpool’s jokes.
    If the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl is involved in a fight against anybody, not necessarily Giganta, please remember that she is, unbeatable. She defeats her enemies, with logic, and inforeseen squirrel strength & agility.
    Quicksilver could have a similar “vibrator scene”, as The Flash, in the first Giganta story.
    …For the third Giganta, Kid Flash (in this story, he will be “Young Adult Flash”) should get in on some vibrational vaginal action.
    -The final and MOST important thing I SHOULD point out, is that Giganta destroyed all of the major heroes in this universe, and what happens in a comic book, when the heroes are defeated, much less destroyed? The villains take over. Giganta will have a tough fight ahead of her as Lex Luther uses his technology, and the Red Rings, use their… rings, to take her down. Maybe Lex Luther’s technology causes the multiverse rift, that Jarvis senses, and then the Marvel characters follow suit. This same incident, could open up DC’s parallel universes, to the Earth-2 planet that Giganta,is on.

    • I like the idea of Ant-man or another giant coming along to fight giganta and maybe she grows even bigger to beat them

  7. Tony’s strapped to a dildo tower and she sits on it crushing them and when she stands up shits on it and sits back down make that a punishment tower.

  8. i am tempted to do a lil deadpool to start things off since he would be into the sudden appearance of giant naked ladies and of course his being used in scuzzy internet porn….

  9. @ Markos
    When Giganta initially sits on Punishment Tower, does it go up her bum, since it’s essentially a dildo? I imagine the top of it, would get pulled, and the base of it would be crushed, as she humps up-and-down on it. πŸ™‚ the top-half of it, would be compacted in her bum, but still intact. People inside of the tower would be jostled, and the only light would be coming from their cell phones, but they would mostly be alive. Tony would be alive as well, and he would look on in horror, through the infrared censors in his helmet, as he sees a wall of shit about to push the Tower, out of Giganta’s ass. πŸ™‚ In the next panel, we see a prime view of Giganta’s ass, as she squats down, and poops the tower out. ;P

  10. In a Marvel/DC/Giganta mashup, I would love to see, Spider-Man make fun of Robin.
    “You have to use a grappling hook, …Bird Boy?” (He can’t call him Robin, because it’s unlikely that they’ll be properly introduced to each other, in this comic.)
    Anyways, Spider-Man will then use his web-slinging power to power swing amongst the tall buildings. He’s then outdone by Batman Beyond’s Batman, whom uses his wing gliders, powered by rocket boots. This could prompt Spider-Man to say, “I’m a Spider that’s better at flying than a bird, but not as great as a bat!?”

  11. I say have the New Gods make an appearance to save the day she defeats them and take turns shitting on them.

    The second choice is to have the Toilet City lady show up and her and Giganta can compete for brown bombing supremacy.

  12. We need:

    -A massive fart causing an a tsunami (kill the European’s rescue boats)
    -Powerful farts: she can now almost use a fart as laser beam due to Goddess Status
    -Laser tits to destroy an army
    -Mega Buttcrush & Boobcrush

  13. im thinking tony stark re-structuring his tower into an enormous dildo and then getting outmatched by Gigantas butt is a good one, he would of course be a bit over confident when it comes to the ladies… would need a team up though, somebody to work the suits repulser beams on her while he stays inside the tower working its controls…

  14. I meant to write tiny’s instead of tony but my phone auto corrected but tony can work aswell

  15. haha.. oh thats funny! poor tony.. he does have a tower though, features quite prominantly….

  16. Deadpool, as he is nigh unkillable, should be skewered and applied as a nipple/clit piercing. Wolverine can do the same.

    Dr. Manhattan has forcibly crossed over into the DC universe before. Imagine all the pleasure he could provide Giganta…

    The Justice League has a space base that wasn’t even touched in the first version. Somehow, Giganta needs to get her anus on that.

  17. More full tour vore would be nice, downing a bunch of littles and digesting them into farts and poop

  18. @Markos
    Ha. That is funny! πŸ™‚
    Would Tony Stark’s friend, James Rhodes (War Machine), or Pepper Potts, have the know-how, and personal access, to said repulser beams?

  19. It doesnt matter who exactly the new challengers are, as long as they end up being digested, added to, and come out of Giganta’s massive ass I will be happy.

  20. Well, could you have it where Spider-Man is swinging around the city and sees the giant statue of Giganta, and when she sees him she shoves him up her nose rubbing him against her boogers and snot. Then could you have her take a big shit, a big fart and vomit all over him when he tried to fight back?

  21. id love to see her shove a building up her ass the show the view inside. people stuck to the outside windows covered in shit or smeared to paste.

  22. I’d love to see her demanding sacrifices and eating a ton of people, then laying down some massive poops, or possibly have the people create her a massive toilet and fill it with them, much like toilet city, and unload onto them:) maybe fart destruction as well!

  23. Since you said we could say anything, I was still about if Giganta could go against Spider-Man and Power-Girl at the same time. Like, Karen could flying back to see what happened to her city, and when she finds out, Giganta comes over to her sneezing all over her then throwing huge boogers at her. After that, she slaps Karen into the ground where Giganta puts her own finger in her mouth making her vomit all over her then shits on her. One the other pages Spidey swings pass to see Power-Girl covered in shit, snot and vomit and he asked someone who did this and as he did, Giganta takes one of her biggest shits ever (Which is Green) and Spider-Man tries fighting her off but she farts on her him and let’s out the world’s biggest diarrhea ever.

  24. If you’re going to use the Avengers I’d suggest keeping things in house by using Earth 8’s Rampaging Retaliators instead http://comicvine.gamespot.com/retaliators/4060-61068/. They’re DC’s pastiche of the Avengers from Grant Morrison’s The Multiversity. They also have the Bug (Spider-Man), the Future Family (Fantastic Four), and the G-Men (X-Men). It’s nothing major but as a big DC fan I’d prefer something that could actually be canonical in a way. Having Giganta get transported to Earth 8 by the Gentry, a group of evil monsters from beyond the multi verse who exist to wreck havoc on all of reality, is perfect for this kind of story. http://comicvine.gamespot.com/the-gentry/4060-61077/. If you want to use more mainstream DC characters first maybe do something where Giganta is losing to a rag tag group of resistance fighters and the Gentry save her in exchange for her help in messing up Earth 8.

  25. Giganta should fight Major Brand, (I think thats her name) from Chalkzone. She has “Sponge Vission” which gives her the abillity to steel other super powers. Maybe she could absorb the power from majic chalk in order to escape Chalkzone, and fight Giganta. I assume Giganta has unlimited power, but it would be an interesting twist to have Major Brand steel her power and shrink her in the process; then grow and rampage while Gigantas power re-charges… then we let the people decide who wins the “Battle for New York”

  26. Have her stick Elasti-Girl (from the incredible in her white outfit) up Giganta’s butt then giganta farts her out by inflating her like a bubble.

  27. I don’t know, maybe she feels super horney and is jealous of the other female villains like Harley, Poison Ivy, Catwoman ect, so she decides to kill two birds with one stone so to speak?

  28. I would love her to be in a skintight catsuit with boots and gloves and belt (nd when she need to poop etc, she can open the zip. I would love to see a lot more destruction, careless, matter of fact as well as deliberate…………

    • Some of this would be epic ^

      I’d also add that the lovely Toilet City girl hears about the submissive city Giganta has taken over, and visits while eating a burrito, in hopes to make Giganta one with the earth (bury her under the immense mass she hoards in her butt) and then proclaim herself goddess. She is surprised at the power Giganta possesses, and a good old girl fight ending with Giganta giving TC girl a mind-control fart making her a pawn, disposing of non-believers, and heavy-lifter for Giganta.

      Meanwhile, the giant maid from the Disposal Unit comic, is not too far away, and starts from the bottom-up, again.

  29. No outfits please, she looks awesome naked, maybe a leopard bikini if you really want her to have clothes.

  30. am pretty sure you cant kill superman… or rather you can but others quickly appear to take his place…

  31. Wait… wasn’t Superman was buried beneath kryptonite shit after Giganta ate Lex? Not that I’m complaining if he survived. Also the second page looks great! Nice job!

  32. Mamabliss, if you ever make a new comic after Giganta, could you make one where Poison Ivy, Catwoman,and Harley Quinn kidnap Batgirl tieing her up in a chair farting all in her face then eat some of the most dangerous food on earth making them growing into giant women. After that have them all place their asses over Batgirls head taking one of the biggest shits all together.

  33. Then have Batman see all of on the news about how Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy farted and shitted on her too death.

  34. New York is where all Marvel super heroes live in so I guess I’m cool with the upcoming Iron Man appearance. Maybe the Avenger will attempt avenge the Justice League. Anyway, its cool to see you actually implement the suggestion made here. I think this Giganta story will be crazy good.

  35. Vore then shitting should be the main focus of a Giganta comic. In that order. If people want poop to be the main focus of a story they should go read Toilet City. The giganta story should always be vore-centric.

  36. i vote for War Machine to make an appearance.

    i also would like the Toilet City Girl to make a cameo, but as a passing ally (to leave open the possibility to a Toilet City 4)

    And let me express my gratitude for the continuation of this wonderful project, regardless of outcome.

  37. I see a lot of posters wanting diahrea and vore. I’m ok with that, but I also want vaginal insertion a couple of times or more, in this story; hopefully in a way that is fluid to the storyline. e.g. How The Flash tried to fatigue Giganta, by having her climax and cum, or the way Giganta physically dominated Batman and Wonder Woman by fucking them on top of the Empire State Building, after Batman had grappled there, in his mad dash, to get away from Giganta. …also, in the original comic, Batman gives Alfred the orders to put the Batcave into “Battle Mode”, …whatever that means. Robin could take advantage of this, since we never saw hide, nor hair of him, in the first comic…

  38. It will be cool to see anaware scenes where Giganta crush the group protesters against of her tyranny. Just smash them not paying attention to their posters and chants. And humiliation pages, where Giganta shows people who is in charge or make them entertaining her.
    Thanks for your coolest comics)

  39. What if some how deadpool becomes giant and fuck the shit out of her till she can’t take it no more, then destroys bracelet to make her small. Steps on her or maybe (worse) then wins :D?

  40. I’ll bet u could do a Mortal Kombat fatality on Deadpool and he’d still regenerate back to his crazy self! U think Giganta’s gonna crush ’em that easily?

  41. I like the first one how she defeated the league so let’s keep her going with the rampage or whatever.

  42. Could you have it where Giganta puts her finger into ass picking some shit out without seeing and he climbs inside of it?

  43. Do you think you could make a part 2 of your original comic called, Shit City? You know, with the three girls.

  44. If you don’t hurry up and put some vore in this thing I swear im going to face fuck you mamabliss…

  45. i’d love some more focus on pissing again, too much of nr2 lately in my opinion πŸ™‚ also vore is always nice

  46. Damn, if only I wasn’t late I’d be September…Oh well I suppose I’ll just have to wait and see for October!

  47. Desperate to return her mind to a human body, Zeul the gorilla abducts a comatose circus strongwoman named Olga with size-changing abilities Following her transformation, Giganta allies herself with Queen Clea and the modern incarnation of Villainy Inc. in an attempt to conquer the lost world of Skartaris .

  48. what truely confuses me is how anyone gives this content creater money, when there are no set deadlines, outline, and when there are they are rarely met

  49. You should have Giganta shove Black Widow inside her ass and then make her clink her massive ass cheeks together while she farts.

  50. When she farts, you should have resistance forces, ready with flamethrowers, with the idea of lighting her fart. They’ll all be in asbestos fireproof clothing. The idea being, that the fire from her her ass, while creating collateral damage, would significantly burn her bum. Have this work, but then have Giganta smash them, in a fit of RAGE!!!

  51. Please just update already.
    You need to stop being such a liar by promising quotas and not delivering.
    I doubt you will because people will keep giving you money,
    but maybe just maybe you can have some self worth to try?

  52. Iron man tries to destroy the source of her powers, but ends up just powering up them even more and makes her grow until she is large enough to carry the entire city in the palm of her hand!

  53. Stony Tark your idea is AWEOME!

    Don’t let Giganta lose at all. Have her gain MORE and MOOOORE power.

    Have everything the heroes try to do to stop her, backfire in their faces, making her shadow grow further and further across the landscape.

    Having her grow even more right now would ROCK.

    BUT, also it would be cool to see other villianesses grow as well. Example HARLEY QUIN (now a HARLEY QUEEN!) and maybe Poison Ivy?!

    Also, awesome addition Mammabliss!

  54. Can you have it where Giganta spreads her ass cheeks apart to show Tony and Pepper that she has shit still on her asshole and Pepper looks as though she’s going to vomit..?

  55. Mamabliss your work is just genius. I’ll never understand how you manage to thread the needle between sexy without crossing into completely absurd. Also your rock solid humor cuts through every tense scene. Truly amazing. You should start posting a link in the comments of your comics so donating is easy to find.

  56. you should have wonder woman come back as a giantess and have a farting and shitting contest maybe the girl from tiolet city to help gianta out

  57. Personally I’d like to see her grow bigger, WAY BIGGER, to be honest. I’ve seen you go planet sized with your other comics before and they’re brilliant to be quite fair. And between Giganta saying, “I’ve got some epic power up goin’ on right now” and the stark dildo about to be put to good use, I think it’d be the way to go possibly? Just a though!

    Now I saw that someone posted in relation to the stark dildo before the comic page itself was up, me thinks? So here’s my 5 cents. If in that she does grow bigger, it’d be cool if she becomes suddenly starving and looses control (goes mad) and que vore? This then fills her stomach and we all know were that goes, wink, wink. In terms of a new rival, I’d go Thor, since The Avengers is the new supergroup here. The source of Thor’s power is his hammer, and if she swallows it and digests it, then she technically has his powers… I think, cool idea, maybe, give it a go, please?

    That being said though, I’m lovin’ the whole attitude she’s got going on and the take on the whole megalomania angle thus far, really nice job. As well as that, you’ve got some pretty nice panels of her in this, twelve pages in and it’s already looking to be a great follow up to it’s predecessor. Keep up the good work!


  58. I disagree with the quit thing. I sure as heck wouldn’t commission her – I love her work but I wouldn’t trust that it would be finished in a reasonable time. But for free, I can’t complain. Just take everything with a grain of salt, expect each image ina series to be the last and you’ll never be disappointed.

  59. pledged 20USD to speed things up guys πŸ™‚ looking forward to fates of ppl born at different months πŸ™‚

  60. Mamabliss I have a suggestion of what giganta should do after this, she should meet some people who are apart of her council team on a high building that stops up to her private part. Make the people look like specks to her, have somebody give her some bad news, and she simply put him inside of her gigantic behind scaring the other people.

    • thats sounds fine, giganta is more of everything, TC is too narrow with only scat in mind. I for example prefer the golden shower/vore genre

  61. Hey mama… how about something with farts? Like… giganta could trap a hero or perhaps retaliate on her “subjects”… let’s say in a building or something… and then she farts inside of it, no stink goes out somehow from the building and they all die of suffocation from the fumes?

    • Why not… considering how cocky he is, an evil Goddess like Giganta could take great pleasure in humiliating him by giving him a death by farts.

  62. Mamabliss next you should try to get commandos to land of her, lead by death stroke and they each get destroyed by her body

    • Why not… considering how cocky he usually is, Giganta could take extreme pleasure in inflicting a humiliating death like killed by farts.

  63. If the Giganta storyline is going to be the same as Toilet City, does that mean Giganta will be shitting and farting a lot as the Lady in Pink? If so, could you make it where once Pepper comes out of the giant robot dick Tony made for Giganta could you have her grab Pepper and sneeze all over her? Or to where after Giganta stands up again Pepper shoots her in the mouth making Giganta hold her mouth for about 5 seconds and vomiting all over Peppers Iron Man suit. But it’s your decision.

  64. mamabliss i dont care bout the story really i just want it finished. i mean come on so many want to see ur stories finished why keep them waiting? i can see if u have actual life get in ur way but come on u give us nothing

  65. Mamabliss, I would suggest, as others already did, to add another villain goddess, and to make them fart on cities and fight for their own personal toilet world!
    Personally I would prefer Harley Quinn as Villain, but that’s up to you!
    Great job as always!

    • If you are so eager, why don’t you stsrt your own comics, do them for free, and see how long it takes for you, you fucking twat?

      Jesus Christ, I hate goddamn leechers, ready to jerk off to anything but unable to appreciate what they get for free…

  66. Could have PowerGirl come into the Giganta comic? (Let her come in at 28) And like have Giganta and PowerGirl talk for a couple of minutes then have her throw PowerGirl into the ground making vomit all over her then taking a massive dump on her trapping her under mountains of shit.

  67. Giganta is an awesome giantess. I m hoping for more content. I am also confused as to why here scale, or size changes. She can shove tony Stark in her ass with no wiggle room, yet the whole giant skyscraper dildo can fit in her vagina. She keeps changing size (i notice this happens a lot in you work)
    Next time, I’d like to see giganta (or a giantess) Put a whole skyscraper in her vagina or even a city, and grind it to a paste. I was hoping iron man would get stuck in her vagina, but it would be like a massive canyon to him, and he would use some special wrist watch or something to call an iron man suit to her.

  68. yup, gonnna be seeing a bunch more of that ass in a moment….scale is a bit tricky since if one was strictly literal base on building size he would be just a speck in her butt or vagina, instead he goes a bit .. simplified.

  69. Quick suggestion…it looks like stark is really on his way out (literally). But what if another superhero coes up with a shrink ray idea to fight back? Of course it backfires on them and it actually makes her bigger? Of course this is directed at her ass specifically. Nothing outrageous but I’m sure you could draw up a awesome ass growth sequence. Just an idea!

  70. I mean, I just hope we can get an impressive sense of scale. I would love to have her a hole devour a whole city or something. People would be smaller than specs, she would be like a massive crater, drawing them into her, her rectum would be like a giant cavern, sorta like the inside of the mother Ship from Independence Day, you cant see the walls completely, but you know they are there.

  71. hmmm.. hopefully at some point… size is hard to pinpoint since if one does a ‘lady getting mega-scale’ scene is hard to make individals interact with her in a meaningfull way…

  72. Meaningful way is abitrary. I’d love for her to shove a city, or at least a city block in her pussy and have the people get bounced, mashed, soaked and utterly at her foul (yet sexy) mercy.

  73. Man giganta so big she stepping on people like bugs. Like on page 3 a persn and a car falls off her foot like bugs, will she interact more with the citizens on the city? Oh I’m planning on sending more money to you.

  74. Will we finally get to see what giganta diet consists of. Shes probably been eating people. And if you run out of ideas read cities in the cellar by minus.

  75. Just read the update at the top of the page and saw that this is turning to Harley which is kick ass!

  76. A good ending to this story would be Giganta deciding to grow huger than the Earth and shove it up shitty ass. She than decides to become a goddess to another planet.

  77. Butt crush! She decides that instead of farting on the crowd (or even after she does), to sit on the entire stadium. She’s so turned on, that she fingers herself to orgasm, and floods half the city.

  78. First of all, I wanted to say that I’m a big fan of your work and I’ve been following your stories with Giantess for a long time, but I never sent you a message because I did not see any flaws in your stories, but as you asked the opinion of your fans, I I will tell you my ideas that I have never seen in any of your previous stories:

    I would love to see Giganta ordering people to clean under her toenails, but not an ordinary cleansing, but rather that she command them to EAT all the dirt from within her toenails and also eat her toejam between her toes .

    I would also like her to drink all the water in town or even block the water supply and force all citizens to drink their urine, pissing on a giant gallon that stores urine for everyone and to show everyone that she is kind to Its people for those who do not want to drink its urine it will provide your sweat of your feet and armpit, but the withdrawal of the sweat would be made after she practiced her morning run to maintain the shape and after being well sweated she would lie on the ground and Then people would form a line holding buckets and leaning on their feet and armpits for the withdrawal of their sacred liquid, and there’s more! Finally the citizens must pass close to their ear to thank the generosity of their Goddess in feeding their people.

    And for the lucky ones it would give the MOST SACRED DRINK OF ALL! YOUR CUM !!!
    She would masturbate whenever she liked, and when she came, people would go to her pussy and take the drops of her cum to quench her thirst.

    The Great Goddess needs to feed so she should eat all the fruit and vegetable crops and all the animals in the city (cows, pigs, chickens, knows all the animals that people eat) and over time as these things are ending People would have no choice but to eat the shit of their Goddess!
    And it would be done that way, Giganta must have a throne to rest and on that throne there must be a lid that opens for her to shit and so her shit falls into a pipe that takes its shit to a place where people can take a Bit of their shit to feed themselves.

    But dear Mamabliss, I would like to see not only people feeding there in front of their Goddess, I would like to see some drawings of people feeding on their homes at family lunchtime, and thanking their beloved Goddess for taking care of them and offering Their segregated meals!
    That would be to show devotion to your Goddess and would make total sense since it is she who governs at all its city!

    And to finish there would be people responsible for cleaning your Goddess, cleaning the ears, nose, anus and vagina, and I would love to see in close up people doing this cleaning with their own hands!

    Mamabliss feel free to use my ideas in this Giganta story or in other stories that you want to create, they may even be in a story with a woman of normal size and people shrunk by her that if she has turned them into her slaves !! !

  79. Assuming this fart scene is as great as its been build up to be the onlything missing in this sequel fetshwise is some good old vore. When she ate that crowd in the 1st along with green lantern it was the best!

  80. Let Rogue enter this story line
    Absorb some of Giganta’s abilities
    and turn into a gassy shit machine giantess to

    Giantess Rogue vs Giganta

  81. Can you have Giganta eat some much and that once she sees Power Girl and Supergirl, she vomits all over Supergirl but then shoves Power Girl into the ground taking one of the biggest shits on her nonstop. Then after that, Giganta makes them eat up her vomit and shit.

  82. Fuck yeah, Mama… This is fantastic, I hope she asphyxiates all of them to death with her farts and that the scene won’t end so soon!

  83. u know what…. id rather see the whole comic at once than this bullshit of having to see it one frame at a time per month. i love your work but come on…. im tired of this. its stupid. we all want to see what you make but come on none of us want to wait as long as u you want it dumb.

    • I’m more than happy to wait if the work that comes out is quality. You’re getting this for free, so zip your pants or go wank to something else in the meantime. Or start making comics yourself, let’s see how good and fast you are, uh?

      • The first one was good because it was following a set story. It started out with small stuff like crushing and feet, then started to slowly incorporate more macro fetish stuff- she’d eat a few people, get horny and cum, we saw GL and a group of people she swallowed progress through her bowels until finally it built up to a point where she took a dump on the army and THEN she started bringing out the raunch in full force.
        The problem with this is mama started out with the scenario without knowing where it was going and looking to the comments for direction- and it just wound up being this slow ‘story’ slowly lurching from one idea to the next with no real buildup and little payoff. Feel like we may as well have just had TC4 at this point.

  84. How about in July you say you are gonna make 100 pictures? It has the same credibility as if you said 3. Mama, wake up already… or are you not gonna draw anymore unless someone pays you?

  85. u know what fuck you mambliss. i havent paid for anything but im tired of this shit so fuck you people who have paid for this have waited for nothing so why should they wait for anything else i love what you do it is amazing but fuck youve done this bullshit for years why do u expect ppl to pay for it when you wont fucking deliver

  86. I wan’t to see Giganta killing more kids. Remember when Giganta stepped on that school bus full of kids and glued a little girl to her shit and sniffed her up her nose while licking her lips? Wnd when she farted and stepped on the black kids in the hospital. Sorry but that shit nut busting! The sequel is lacking in the WTF department that the first comic had.

  87. Okay, what the fuck? Are people being serious with this trolling? You get this shit (literally) for free. The least you can do is be thankful and sit yo ass down.

  88. This scene has so much potential for a slow and painful farting scene… Sad to see it gone in just two pictures of actual action with so much buildup.

  89. Mama, don’t worry about people raging, just continue to draw as soon as you feel like it!
    Your drawings are amazing

  90. Good work mama huge fan, when will giganta start to eat people? And on page 3 was that a person falling off her foot because she been stepping on them unaware?

  91. Woot woot! Harley giantess!

    Looking great so far! Can’t wait to see Harley grow! Will she have some time to be a giantess on her own? It might be good to have her exploring being a giantess in another city. That way we get some Harley time experimenting as a giantess, crushing, voring, and stuff like that. And then, when she’s big enough, clashing with giganta.

    Having her fight giganta right off the bat might waste a lot of opportunity.

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    Copy the link and go to me… bit.ly/2tI4L90


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    I really love the fact that Harley is getting her new suit back. When seeing her the ‘suicide squad’ theme I was a little dissapointed.

    Also, Giganta has an amazing expression in that last panel as she’s walking away. Very powerful, and utterly dismissing/ignoring or not even aware of Harley behind her.

    Suggestion: Having Harley’s butt grow. Or, just be really big…yeah big Harley butt. Also Harley vore (maybe eating Batgirl? There’s some fan art out there of a giantess Harley about ready to swallow a batgirl).

    Character Suggestion: Poison Ivy. She’d be awesome to have, and you can have her growth be based off of water and sunlight, possibly playing off of her power/nature powers and thus growing herself like an actual plant.

    Keep up the good work!

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