64 thoughts on “Latest Update: The Slumber Party [page 14]

  1. Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………………………………………..daily………………

  2. You should really trickle feed new content to us rather than giving it to us all at once. It’ll keep people coming back more regularly and get rid of large bursts of inactivity.

  3. i wanted to get the girls introduced and on with the story, gonna be trying for semi/maybe daily now…

    • Slow it down to every 2 or 3 days until you get a healthy backlog. That way, you’ll be able to keep posting while you’re taking breaks.

  4. email me [mamadrawing@yahoo.com] if you want to drop some funds on this by other methods, i’ll add it to the tally’

  5. This is looking great so far. I’ll be looking forward to seeing where it goes. Your comics have been a big influence on my own work

  6. I keep finding myself caught between understanding that spacing out the posts to every 3-4 days is better for viewer retention, and wanting the next page immediately. I’m so impatient.

    Also… Butts Butts Butts Butts Butts Butts Butts Butts Butts Butts Butts Butts 😀

  7. I’m fine with slow content release. Life happens. I just want some updates and/or news to show that you’re still thinking about this project.

  8. You do realise that mamabliss does have a life right? She or he can’t just keep drawing up porn for us to masturbate to… She’s a fucking human being and sometimes needs a break from all the animal orgys and giantess diarrhoea! Now I know he or she hasn’t updated in a while but give him or her time…

    • I agree completely. Still, communication is a must. Even if it’s just an update at the top saying “hey, gonna take a short break,” it’s better than silence.

  9. This might sound a bit stupid to say but do you think something could of happened to mamabliss? Like something dangerous? She’s or he’s the only one who knows about this site other than us and if he or she is gone, no one is going to tell us if he or she is gone or not…

    • Well, if it were depression, it would explain why she’s staying away from the site. The last thing she needs to recover is to read the comments section.

  10. She’s probably finishing the whole story, it would be kind of shitty to comeback after two months just to have one page. but she does have people paying for her stuff as well so who knows. And you can’t rush art.

  11. Great to have you back as Zane mentioned… Hopefully you are doing alright… Btw can you please update on toilet city 3 or give us some more bee queen? (not sure what her name is)

  12. no more TC. am working up more slumber party now which .. um… will involve farting and pooping and stuff…

    • This is amazing. I didn’t know it was going on, it’s a delightful surprise. Your style and writing just get better and better over the years.

  13. The flashback is a nice touch, and a tiny bit of storytelling ain’t so bad, we just want it bad haha

  14. so !ets see. your getting 223 a month so far. commision prices per page are 20 for color and 10 for black and white.
    based on that model we should be getting at least 11 color pages a month or 22 pages black and white. the math dont add up here…

    • okay, just checking.

      I usually just tip whenever Mamabliss posts something I like (it’s what the +# means after the patreon value.) If you’re dissatisfied with pre-paying, you might consider doing the tip method. That way, you’re paying for what you get as opposed to paying for what you might get.

    • okay. The way you do that is by using paypal to send money to her. You’ll need the email she uses for paypal (I’ve forgotten it since I haven’t tipped since she started this comic.) Leave a comment asking after her e-mail when you’re ready to tip and she’ll give it to you.

      (@mamabliss can you put the mail at the top of your home page and mention it as an alternative? I couldn’t find the original comment where you gave it to me, and I feel that in the coming pages I’ll probably end up tipping.)

      (Been too lazy to log in XD.)

    • On a side note, this is also a good way to show mamabliss what you want and are willing to tip for. Just put what you’re tipping for in the paypal note.

  15. I will tip this weekend, that’s when I get some money but if she needs it for her drawings I am down to contribute

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