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Welcome to the new Giantess site! It’s time to give my GTS work a home and see how much support there is for more comics! The patreon page is live.. current tally 11 at 94 … we continue!

My older work can be found at and I need to search back thru my blog on and pull up all the giantess comics i’ve posted there.

UPDATE 7/21: I return with some new pages! I know i’ve been failing[!] a bit on this but all patreon moneys WILL be turned into comics, current tally to go according to my math is 26 pages… up next will be the start of the Harley storyline, am unclear on the details but should be intense…

UPDATE 8/9: yes, where is this going? must wait a couple of pages to find out… current tally 28 pages to go. Will be including some pages of ‘the sleepover’ as well.

91 thoughts on “Support the [GTS] arts!

  1. Toilet city 3 was good but i feel the past 3 panels may have somethig to do with he stalling patreon. Either way we need to promote this more.

  2. ….nah, the patreon is going pretty good so far. I’m just alternating between comics, if you’re liked the other one better just wait a few days and will be back.

  3. Liking all the new comics. No one said anything about the digimon comic, but I’m interested in seeing that one. Hope it’s in the rotation of projects you have going on.

  4. Any more updates on All the Way coming soon? Also, when do you think that comic will be completed?

  5. I know its still a ways off, but do you have ideas for the direction next giganta project? or will you be figuring it out as you go?

  6. can you please move onto to something else. tc is nice but some variety makes things interesting. more giganta perhaps?

  7. Just wanted to say I’ve been a fan for a long time. Your comics were one of the big reasons I got into the GTS thing. Keep up the awesome work 🙂

  8. Do you have million projects going all at once….. why do u even keep saying anything about daily posts….. their all lies

  9. shell probably release a few more pages a day before the end of the month to drum up support so the check wil clear.

  10. Can we get a blog post or something? I’m fine with it taking a long time between pages, but I’d prefer to see some regular activity of some kind.

  11. She must be going through something… a month of no activity isn’t normal… even for her. Although, some sort of update would be appreciated, I know if I were paying her monthly right now I’d be kinda pissed since I now just payed for a month and got nothing.

    • I’m paying $30 a month for no image since new years O.O. I don’t even care about slumber. I just want TC3 done so we can get a Giganta 2 sometime before I get married and have children lol.

  12. as much as this is irritating, anon is probably right… She/he could be going through something, be it personal matters or financial matters… We can’t expect him/ her to deliver everything we want. He/she has a life! They can’t be doing this every part of their lives… We just have to be paitient.

  13. How dare you tell me to be patient i a have a hard dick in my hand and i am on page…. , wait what page did he stop on again?

  14. ..the journey is its own reward! but yes, any positive feedback is very helpfull at this point. my goal is to wrap up this commission stuff and start up the ‘giganta’ project again which is where things should get super-interesting around here.

  15. I know this may sound strange but why don’t you try to make a Donna sequel once you have spare time after gigantic and toilet city 3? Sure it wasn’t as good as this both but the whole diaper concept was a great direction…

  16. …furry giantess diaper porn is certainly lots of fun but it can be a bit divisive.. i would have concerns as to its ability to mix properly with the larger scope of what i’m looking to do with goddess’

  17. Well why don’t you post it on both goddess and the furry site considering the sequel would be a hybrid of the two genres…

  18. i would probably do more if someone commissions it, but not as part of what have planned for this site.. um, yeh.

  19. I would like to see a bit more farting by the end of TC3, maybe show some people choking on the smell and such. Variety is the spice of life and porn 🙂

  20. First we go over a month with nothing to share and then a bunch of kindergarten-sized sketches. What a ripoff. Maybe mamabliss should change his/her name to mamafucker…LOL

  21. …am hoping to complete the TC comic before the end of the month, which yes.. kindergarten-sized sketches are a key part of the process.

  22. Hey about instead of insulting him or her which can possibly stop this from fully being completed we instead support Him or her! Sounds like a better idea instead of just putting him or her down and emotionally wreck you thundercunts

  23. i generally take such criticism in stride since people complaining about lack of updates are generally the most anxious to see me posting stuff… y’know.. fans

  24. yknow, this model could work. Posting drafts of your work as you make it. Everybody feels like a winner.

  25. It’s great that you are posting drafts so everyone is updated on what is going on… As much as I prefer seeing the full thing straight up, this is much better thumbs up to you Bliss

  26. wow Giganta will have a sequel? Nice to hear, I think the waiting will be rewarded!
    Thanks for sharing all of your work!

  27. well for giganta, you could add the missing parts that werent published in the script..

    i.e she sites her ass on a building and the ocuputans share a view.

    or the atom scene.

    id love to see the building scene expanded. inside view, shit on the windows and toilets stuck to them from the outside.

  28. Would be nice(!) if Giganta made someone beg for mercy before dismissingly clenching them to death with her sphincter (while they’re in their vehicle/house or something, since she’s so friggin huge) <3

    And everything with Slumber Party will definitely rock.

  29. man your comics are the best…………to look at……….it fullfills
    my giantess fetish!!!!

  30. Hello, can you do a comic where Nami become giantess, fight the straw hat pirates and destroy the city with farting shitting … ?

  31. So excited! Any possibility for less fats/poop and more vore, tit crushing, ass smashing and just all around destruction?

  32. Lets not let this become the toilet city comics… any Giganta work needs a strong vore element.

  33. If you do in fact release 9 pages this month I may just increase my plege to $75 a month. 3 pages YOLO.

  34. Hello mama can you do a comic where Nami from One Piece become giantess and destroy the world with her enormous booty ?

  35. I love the one with little dude goes into her pussy ever since I was a kid and I saw a pack of the 40 foot woman I loved it you need to make more like that maybe even with the butt to that would be different thank you

  36. Mama I’m very happy to see your post rate this month. Almost brings a tear to my eye. im gonna re sub to your patreon.

  37. Harley would be interesting. I’d ultimatly want to see her lose to giganta tho. I wonder if you’d make her skinnier and what kind of role joker would have.

  38. Love your artwork, in fact I was a supporter, but a promise of 5 images per month isn’t enough for me to want to support via Patreon. Too many projects go abandoned, and your second month at the 5 images and you’re only at 2 by the 28th. I’ll check back in the near future, but I’ve been burned too many times on promises via Patreon.

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