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  1. this particular comic is allready scripted for the most part am afraid, if youve seen the previous ones is more of the same, lots more.

  2. when im done with these other comics, i have 3 of them to work thru.. city, all the way and a slumber party GTS girl contest.

  3. Great to see your back at it again with this series, I emailed you either last year, or this year. Pertaining to this series continuing, at that point in time you only had a rough draft of the comic, that was done in black and white. You sent me a zip file of the rough draft. Keep up the good work.

    • Haha my heart almost jumped out of my chest when I read your post, I know exactly who your talking about, I got her on my snapchat. I dunno if the artist could legally do that, even though its only a illustration. Elke’s name might actually be considered a “corporation” on paper. She probably could do a illustration of her with a character of her similar liking, but she probably wouldn’t be able to use her name. Great suggestion by the way, id actually pay for her to create that comic.

  4. Oh my, that is the money shot, so to speak. I’m not sure the perspective was the best, but that eruption was satisfying in any case. I’m sure she has lots more on the way.

  5. Hey mama you should probably do where this giantess holds her shit in for as long as she can and do her facial expressions looking like she’s constipated

  6. Omg ive been dying for a good asshole in the roof shot for a while. Cant wait to see if its a fart or a shit or Both!

  7. How about a couple giant dickgirls with one taller dickgirl screwing the other girl with her penis tearing up a building that happens to be between them while the taller girl’s penis tears the building apart? Then for good measure the shorter girl cums all over the street and the taller girl pisses it down and away…..and for final measure, poop all over the place!!

  8. am afraid the human drama of the TC series must be inffered rather then portrayed graphicly, there are no subplots with normal size protagonists having to deal with the situation, just a big lady doing a lot of #2…

  9. Hey mamabliss why not try a sequel to Donna? It was interesting experiment you tried with the whole diaper scat thing, why not try again. Or maybe not Donna but something with diaper scat.

  10. as a fetish i have the sense the ‘donna’ stuff is more of a subset of furry diaper porn then it is GTS, not sure how well they would get along.

  11. Still though you could possibly make it work like for god sakes you created a giant bee lady that gets larger by shoving things up her ass and shits on the world. I am confident that you could make something like Donna a reality if you create a giant bee lady.

  12. Love the comic mamma! Really looking forward to seeing more of it, hoping you’ll get back to it when you have time:)

  13. She or he is probably making a couple of adjustments to the script probably maybe even rewriting it entirely probably…

  14. Hmmmmm so now we went over a month with no contributions or innovative material and now we get sketchy pencil drawings with no color. What a rip.

  15. well for giganta, you could add the missing parts that werent published in the script..

    i.e she sites her ass on a building and the ocuputans share a view.

    or the atom scene.

    id love to see the building scene expanded. inside view, shit on the windows and toilets stuck to them from the outside.

  16. This is a landmark day. That was a huge project you completed in full color!!. I agree with anony regarding a pov building type event with the toilets. The one you did briefly before with WW in the hospital room was awesome. Is sluber party going to be full color or is it B&W?

  17. ….unloaded, the ending was a bit of a tangent, i was having trouble coming up with an ending for the piece the person comissioning it would be happy with and went off in a different direction.

  18. Will there be a Toilet City 4? And if so, could you make it where Lady in Pink and Giganta meet each other and they fart and shit on one whole city together?

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